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Why is my SmartCTA not working?

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Let’s take a quick look at the SmartLink code…{{}}&your_role={{contact.your_role}}&firstname={{contact.firstname}}&lastname={{contact.lastname}}&jobtitle={{contact.jobtitle}}&company={{}}&assetid=XYZ-S2

The items on the left side of the “=” sign are from the Personalization Form. (except for the AssetID which is from the HubSpot settings page). And the items on the right side of the “=” sign are the HubSpot personalization tokens.

Here is the key: You must ensure that the link matches exactly what you have in the Personalization form.

For example, if you have added hidden fields into your Personalization Form, these will NOT automatically show up in the SmartCTA link. You must manually add those items to this link for it to work correctly.

If you have a hidden field called “Attribution” to track these assets, and the field value is set to “xyz” – you would need to add “&attribution=xyz” after the AssetID item for this to work.

If you don’t do this, the asset will auto-default back to the form page when you link to it from HubSpot.