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Why is the SmartDoc not looking right on my phone?

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We have worked to make these SmartDoc theme page templates fit most business-related use-cases, and, importantly, be savable to a PDF. These priorities have led to the current layout of the document template.

Therefore, though these SmartDoc themes are currently set to be responsive for most leading mobile devices – both tablets and phones – on smaller screens like phones, the content is optimized only for landscape mode (phone in a horizontal position). The content will not look correct in portrait mode.

This being WordPress, you can easily address this with some customization.

For example, for best-practice mobile design, these documents arguably contain too much information for a quick mobile experience. So, you should either create a more condensed portrait-specific version of this document and use CSS to serve that up for that mode, or you could add a pop-up asking the user to rotate their device into landscape mode.