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SplashLogic : Assignment Details

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Section Specifics: “Stakeholder Info” lays out your main point of contact for the asset’s development lifecycle. Information here includes “Your Email” – where communication and asset information will be delivered to you via the Splashmetrics app. “Client Group”, “Client Group Contact Name”, and “Client Group Contact Email” are your client’s contact information you’ll use for further communication on the asset(s) assigned. “Notes” are comments or requests straight from the Client Group Contact.

“Assignments & Dates” revolves around the timeframe for the asset(s) assigned to you as a Content Creator. “Content Assigned” is the starting date of the asset(s) assigned. “Content Due” is the deadline for the launch of the asset(s) assigned. “Task Duration” is the timeframe in month/s format and “Assets Assigned” list all the asset(s) assigned to you within the timeframe.