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SmartDoc Theme : Installation/Registration

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Standalone SmartDoc/SmartApp Theme

Because our Standalone SmartDoc/SmartApp Theme is bundled into all our premium SplashMaker+ packages, you can follow the instructions here to install SplashMaker+.

Theme Activation

To activate your package, simply go the SplashMaker dashboard shown here…

…and enter the License Email and Key from the invoice you received with your order. If successful, you’ll see a confirmation modal, then the green “Activated” status shown above, along with the SDT License Type.

Now start making a Splash!

Finally, note that you can always update the core SplashMaker plugin by using the Upgrade! link. This will give you powerful integrations with platforms like Splashmetrics, HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, etc. to take your Smart Content initiatives to the next level!