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Flow Stage Section (S1-S5) : Budget

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Section Specifics: Here you allocate funds from your overall Splash Budget (which you entered in the Plan section) for the work to be done in this stage (e.g. – content creation, integration, digital campaigns, etc). You can gauge the general ROI of this number using the the Required Entries determined by your plan and the Cost Per Entry for each stage.

(Note: If you have the Enterprise package and are a company with multiple divisions/departments, these budgets will be automatically divided across each of those based on the Tier Contributions percentages from the Plan section.)


The process breadcrumb at the top of the page is broken into 2 sections: Stage Settings and Content Settings. From a strategic planning perspective the Stage Settings are the most critical as they drive everything about the Buyer interactions in each stage. Since you are a Tier 1 user and focused on setting the top-level strategic framework for this Splash, you might choose to skip the Content Settings section and leave that for your downstream Tiers. If you want to do so, simply click on the “Fast-Forward” icon to the right to jump to the next stage of the Buyer Journey Flow.