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Flow : Journey Personalization

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Best Practices: The goal in Journey Personalization (with stage-based Progressive Profiling thereafter) is to provide the most seamless, form-free, and personalized journey possible for the Buyer, while obtaining the data you need to progressively qualify that Buyer for your sales efforts. Unlike with traditional gate forms of the past where the Buyer had to provide personal information just to download a static PDF, the Buyer sees immediate value in this Journey Personalization exchange because the entries here are used to actually personalize the smart content experience for the Buyer.

Journey Personalization Specifics: This section serves as the global personalization requirements for the Buyer Journey. In other words, regardless from where a Buyer enters the Journey, unless this information already exists in your MA/CRM platform for this Buyer, he will have to provide it to continue on so that the smart content personalization can happen. The Form behavior and Required Fields should align here with your MA platform rules and gating. This way any content created in this stage, whether it uses an embedded form from your MA/CRM platform, or a custom form for the content asset itself, will align to present a seamless Buyer Journey. You will have the opportunity to add additional items to the progressive Profiling sections in each of the subsequent Stages of the Buyer Journey Flow. This way you can incrementally get information from the Buyer as he proceeds without repeatedly presenting forms, which drastically reduces engagement.


The circled +/- icon allows you to duplicate the entire “bucket” of data. The uncircled +/- icon allows you to duplicate a specific set of data within a “bucket”.