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Flow Content Section (S1-S5) : Interaction/RTP

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Best Practices: One of the most powerful aspects of Smart Content is its ability to provide dynamic population of custom salutations, messaging, imagery, links, etc. for each specific Buyer and/or Buyer Group. Using the form data, MA/CRM data via API, and other incoming datapoints such as referral sites or channels, you can immediately serve up different languages, region- or vertical-based product offerings, etc. It’s how you drive that customized 2-way conversation with your Buyer. So whether you dynamically present such custom, targeted content as the Buyer initially comes into the Smart Content experience, or dynamically customize it based on interactions within that Smart Content experience, or both, RTP is at the very heart of ensuring that your Smart Content is working to be as effective as possible for both the Buyer and for you.

Section Specifics: “Automated Incoming RTP” is a collection of data points that you will use to dynamically customize a Smart Content asset. For example, if you check “Language” the Content Creator can program the asset to dynamically serve up messaging in whatever language is needed for that particular Buyer. The other default items work similarly – and you are even able to enter custom items as needed. The “Interaction-Based RTP” allows you to define specific interactions within the Smart Content experience such as assessment inputs, or ROI calculations, or pain-point/solution matrices, etc. You then define what outcomes you are looking for from those interactions in terms of Buyer Qualification (e.g. – lead scoring), what the Buyer gets out of that exchange (e.g. – maturity measurement against peers), and what RTP happens because of this interaction (e.g. – custom links based on inputs, takeaways for others in the Buyer Group, etc.) The possibilities are really endless – but every one of them starts with a good plan.


The default “All Buyers” selection for the “Interaction-Based RTP” assumes a single interaction and RPT method in the Smart Content programming for all the Buyers you’ve defined. Deselecting this allows you to define different interactions and personalization for the different Buyers you’ve defined. We recommend starting simple. You can always get more complex later.