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Flow Content Section (S1-S5) : CTA

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Best Practices: Though it is well known that strategic CTAs are the bedrock of effective marketing and sales content, what is often overlooked is the “directionality” of those CTAs. In other words, in the Buyer Journey, CTAs need to always create the pathway for the Buyer to either self-progress to the next Stage of the Flow, or Nurture within that same Stage, or, perhaps, even Jump to a deeper stage in such cases where, for example, they might be ready to engage with Sales. Now, such content-to-content linking does not have to be the only CTA of a content asset – but it should always be a part of it. Remember that you only have a small handful of content touches with any Buyer before they make their purchase decision. So you have to make every CTA count along that Journey.

Section Specifics: Splashmetrics leverages our RippleTM technology to automatically create the URLs for your content-to-content and stage-to-stage CTA linking. These are generated within the SplashSpecs that you will provide to your Content Creators so they don’t have to guess as to where to next send the Buyer. Finally, you can also create custom CTAs in any content asset if you wish to design richer pathways through the Flow and/or to items or assets that fall outside the Flow. Just keep in mind the limited number of touches with the Buyer as you design your pathways. We always recommend starting simple – then adding needed complexity from there.


Splashmetrics auto-linking ensures that every Nurture Content Asset will lead the Buyer to the Smart Content Experience in the next stage of the Flow. This is obviously the goal for the Buyer Journey.