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Automated Alignment Overview

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This section is for those tactical team members such as the Ops Teams who work directly with a company’s MarTech stack (e.g. – MA, CRM, CX, CMS, etc.) – as well as content creators, be they in-house or external vendors. We look here at how you, as one of those tactical team members, leverage the core strategic plan (or “Splash”) from Splashmetrics to fully optimize today’s B2B Buyer Journey.

The SplashLogic Content and Integration Spec

Available when a Splash has been completed and Activated, this powerful function allows the planner to assign specific execution tasks in each Flow Stage to tactical team members such as you. This single click automatically generates a full strategy and creative brief for the selected stage of the Journey, which gives tactical team members the information needed to begin building and integrating the perfect content experiences for the Buyer – all fully aligned with the company-wide Buyer Journey strategy.

The planner will complete the fields shown above, assigning this specification to you specifically. When the planner hits the the Generate button, Splashmetrics creates a secure link for this Content Spec – which he/she will then email to you so you can get started.

Note that this is a LIVE spec providing the information needed to do your job effectively and efficiently.

We say “live” because any changes or additions made to the Splash plan after the link is sent will be automatically reflected in your SplashLogic Content Spec. This way, even if you are one of 100 people working on 100 different tasks, nothing will ever get out of sync from the core strategic plan.

So now that you have the spec, what next?

Executing From the Spec

There are specific areas of content, marketing, and sales executions that are driven by the SplashLogic spec.

Now, you don’t have to have any specific connections/integrations between Splashmetrics and your MA/CRM/CMS platforms for this to work. You and your teams can manually leverage the strategic planning in the spec to greatly improve how you’re setting up and using your platforms. But, we also offer various direct integrations through our SplashMaker Smart Content products that automate much of this work – taking the information directly from the SplashLogic spec, and making the strategic connections between that plan, the content, and your MA/CRM/CX platforms.

Here are some examples…

Manually Working With MA/CRM Platforms

SplashMaker Automated Integrations

For more detail on executing the Splashmetrics plan, please select your focus of work from our For Content Creators and For MA/CRM Teams sections.