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Unique Features of Splashmetrics

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Ripple : The Power of Concentric Planning


Throughout the Splash Planner you see a combination of data boxes. Many of these are white and others are tinted various colors as shown here in the Plan Tab section… 


White boxes are always for entering data/information appropriate to that item. Color-tinted boxes are what we call Ripples. Based on your inputs, these Ripples are automated calculations and/or locked “strategic pass-downs”. Our Ripple technology automates much of the hard work for you in solving the complex math involved in budgeting, planning, scheduling, and benchmarking your B2B marketing efforts. But it also ensures that, as you can see in the graphic at the top of the page, all downstream Strategic Team members and Tactical Team members (including external providers) are always working from exactly the same Strategic Plan – maintaining top-level strategy and benchmarking, while adding data and information specific to their Division and/or Department as the plan reaches them.

With Ripple, Splashmetrics solves one of the most vexing problems facing companies today that engage in enterprise-wide B2B Content Marketing: Ensuring that all tactical executions across the entire Buyer Journey are perfectly aligned with a deep core strategy.

This is how the perfect Splash is made. This is how business is won. 

SplashLogic : The Power of Intelligent Content

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