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Need a little help navigating the onboarding form? We got you.

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Here you just need to enter your email, select the Splash package you want – and finally indicate whether you’ve yet purchased the package.

If you’ve not yet purchased the package, for example, if you need a custom payment solution or something else, you will be asked to provide a billing contact here so we can work with them to finalize the purchase.

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At this time, you are only required to designate 2 users. You can add more – now or later – as you see fit.

The Admin User is the person who will work with us to manage the account and will have full access to all components in the platform. The other users will be standard users with more restrictive access as the Admin sees fit.

Please note that if you have purchased the ENTERPRISE package, you have additional “User Tier Access” items as shown below…

This allows the Admin to restrict user access within the platform to specific divisions/departments/etc.

Next you will set up those Tiers.

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Please note that you will only see this step if you have selected the ENTERPRISE package with its powerful Multi-Tier Planning and Analytics capability.

Here you can define the various tiers for your organization. Tier 1 is your entire organization. Under that you can have other tiers such as divisions, departments, product areas, etc. That might look like this for a software company:

  • Your Software Company (T1)
    • Security Software Division (T2)
      • Cyber Monitor Product (T3)
      • Anti-Virus Product (T3)
    • DevOps Software Division (T2)
      • Continuous Testing Product (T3)
      • Continuous Delivery Product (T3)

Then when you have this set up correctly in the platform, you will see something like this in the Tier Selector…

This allows for specific customization and measurement of the plan per each division and department – a very powerful feature.

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Here you can provide the information for your onboarding team leads. We’ll make sure to copy each of them on emails during the onboarding process to coordinate meeting times, answer questions, etc.

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Just submit this information to us and we’ll get the ball rolling!