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This is the core smart content component of SplashMaker. It allows you to create custom pages that will be dynamically served to users via their selection of the dropdown items in the Dynamic Content Driver field of the form.

You simply create the page versions of the SmartDoc you want to present to your Buyers and name them to align with the above dropdown items. For example, you might use ABM buying roles such as End User, Influencer, and Decision Maker. Or Industry/Vertical versions, Country, Language, etc. You can use virtually any driver for these.

The Personalization Form component is directly tied to these Dynamic Content pages in two ways. First, whatever pages you create and title here, will automatically show up on the Dynamic Content Driver dropdown in the form. All that is automated for you by SplashMaker.

Additionally, the Personalization Tokens from the Personalization Form component – e.g. [splash_token field=firstname] – can be placed into your page content to further personalize the copy and titles with the Buyer’s name, company name, title, etc. This too is automated for you by SplashMaker after you place the token.

You just focus on building out the Personalization Form and your Dynamic Content pages – and SplashMaker takes care of the rest.

Note that the existing Dynamic Content in the package is simply a guide. You can create any kind of WordPress content experience you like and still leverage the power of SplashMaker. The sky really is the limit!

You’ll notice that our Premium Packages come bundled with our latest SmartDoc/SmartApp templates that have most everything already set-up for you. We have a growing library of assets like eBooks, Data Sheets, Infographics, Assessments, etc. See our store here: SplashMaker Store.

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