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Solutions Partner Certification

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So you want to make more money? Sweet!

You were hand-picked to become a Splashmetrics Solutions Affiliate for your specific area of expertise. But there are plenty of opportunities to provide multiple services around the broader Splashmetrics platform – and self-serve Buying in general. That is because this emerging market of AI-driven, content-based selling is evolving very quickly – and is mission-critical for most all today’s businesses.

To do it well requires the following specific areas of focus (to name a few) in relation to our Splashmetrics Buyer Journey Intelligence platform:

  • E2E RevOps Orchestration
    • Aligning executives, marketing, sales, content, and ops teams to plan and operationalize the self-serve pipeline
    • Evaluating the tech stack to determine how best to cross-team leverage the buyer-direct data Splashmetrics provides
    • Directing and assisting ops teams through mission-critical integrations and configurations to optimize use of and automations for that buyer-direct data
  • Self-Serve Sales Training and Enablement
    • Similar to the above, but specifically looking at the actions marketing and sales teams should take in relation to the buyer-direct data Splashmetrics provides
    • Looking at how marketing and sales teams can and should leverage the content at various stages of the pipeline journey
    • Directing and assisting companies how to scale their successful self-serve content journeys through partner, co-sell, and channel motions
  • Smart Content Creation
    • Helping businesses understand how to leverage and integrate our SplashMaker AI-driven content, leveraging their existing WordPress teams
    • Helping marketing and sales teams think through critical strategic interactions to give Buyers the answers they need in each stage, while also gleaning critical buying insight
  • Broader Applications
    • Knowing that this is a powerful emerging market – and that we’ve designed Splashmetrics to be extremely flexible and customizable – looking at some of the following extended applications:
      • Using the platform with non-SplashMaker brands of content (e.g. – Adobe Experience Manager, HubSpot Content, Uberflip, etc.)
      • Imagining new Buyer interactions that we can build into our RippleWidgets
      • Looking at ways to improve the planning and implementation surrounding the last-mile, self-serve Buyer Journey
      • Looking at new integrations with leading sales and marketing platforms

The bottom line is that, though there is a tremendous amount of expertise that goes beyond what’s listed above, Splashmetrics itself provides the industry-leading, best-practice framework for ALL of these areas.

Therefore, the more you learn about Splashmetrics specifically, the more expertise and high-value service opportunities you have with each of your clients to implement and manage self-serve buying. And, just as importantly, the more we can trust that you are a high-performing Solutions Partner to whom we can refer more of our own customer base for these high-value services.

And that’s the mutually beneficial goal of the Splashmetrics Solutions Partner Certification Program. So where do you start?

Become even more awesome at what you do!

Because our fundamental mission at Splashmetrics is to ensure that every single customer is completely satisfied that they are receiving the best overall E2E Buyer Journey Intelligence solution and services on the market, we have to ensure that you know your stuff when it comes to Splashmetrics.

Here’s the roadmap to become a trusted Splashmetrics Solutions Partner.

1. To become an expert – you need to get serious. And so do we.

The first thing we require is that you purchase a license for Splashmetrics so that you can scour every aspect of the platform – while also using it to boost your own business with self-serve sales. But we also understand that money doesn’t grow on trees.

So, we recommend that you purchase the STARTER package.

Now to keep your upfront costs low and maintain flexibility as you continue in the program, we encourage you to select the Monthly option. And, in return for your participation in the certification program, we will provide you a special deep discount code*.

*Contact us for details on this discount.

But, we go even further! Instead of the 90-day trial of the RevOps Intelligence Platform listed on the site for this package, we lift that restriction so you have full access to all the major components of Splashmetrics for an incredibly low price.

This approach ensures we are both investing in one another. And that’s the way it should be.

2. Qualify to provide onboarding services.

This is the lowest hanging fruit for you to start make more money. You can see on our website the rates we charge for doing this onboarding ourselves for new customers. And we will do it for you as well following the process listed here.

So why not take that over for your own clients and charge them as you see fit? You make your Marketing Affiliate commission selling the platform – and then you immediately make more services income providing the onboarding to them. It’s a win/win.

Now, to do so, you’ll need to learn both the platform and our onboarding process inside and out, and then demonstrate that you can nail it end-to-end. (Back to our fundamental mission.)

And that brings us to…

3. Strategic RevOps and Content Planning and Analytics.

This is the unique and valuable core function of our platform. And it touches all the areas listed above. Now, there is obviously a tremendous amount of specific expertise in these areas that you may or may not have. But, because it all starts with great strategic planning, and because Splashmetrics is the world’s best solution for such planning as it relates to self-serve buying – you can become an industry leading expert in many of these areas simply by knowing the platform inside and out.

So, extending that onboarding service above with your knowledge of the Splashmetrics platform – you can then start to work more deeply within your client company to direct this planning and these mission-critical areas that branch off the Splash plan.

Then for areas in which you might need deeper expertise, you can work with us to pull on other Splashmetrics Solutions Affiliates as needed to execute that plan – while you manage the overall effort alongside your client’s C-suite.

And finally, as noted above, the more effective you become at this, the more we will see you as a trusted Solutions Partner to whom we can refer our own customers.

4. Stuff we haven’t even thought of yet.

As mentioned self-serve buying is a new, rapidly evolving market. And our focus is to remain at the leading edge of that market – by always focusing on the Buyer (i.e. – your client and their customers). To do that, we need to always be involved with smart, visionary people like you.

Therefore, we want to hear your ideas, critiques, needs, etc. – so that we can continue to evolve the platform to ensure we maintain that edge by giving you the tools you and your clients need to succeed.

Next steps…

As you get more proficient at all the above, we will naturally work more closely with you, and refer more and more customers to you – thereby increasing your client-base and revenue. That’s the vision of this program.

So, if you are interested in becoming a Splashmetrics Certified Affiliate reach out via chat on this page and let’s discuss next steps. We want to help you take advantage of this very valuable new market.

And to take that first step…

Assignment #1

As noted above, upon your purchase of the STARTER package, we will spend a few hours working directly with you in our normal onboarding process just as we will with any new customer in our higher-end packages. But, to become a certified partner, it’s up to you to start doing your own homework here on LifeRing. When we meet with you the first time – we look forward to hearing what all you’ve learned!