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VIDEO: Pro Tip : Setting Up Your MA/CRM Package For Buyer Data

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This video is for both content creators who will be setting up the SplashMaker+ asset to integrate correctly with the MA/CRM package – and for the MA/CRM expert who will be setting up specific fields, automations, etc. in the MA/CRM platform to leverage the Buyer Data coming from the SplashMaker+ asset.

In this case, we are looking specifically at HubSpot. Other MA/CRM packages are similar.

Here are the Buyer Data properties you should create in your MA/CRM platform as simple text fields to receive the Buyer Data from the SplashMaker+ assets:

  • S2 Buyer Data
  • S3 Buyer Data
  • S4 Buyer Data
  • S5 Buyer Data
  • Buyer Action Alert
  • Buyer Data Report

SplashMaker is already coded to use these fields for your connected MA/CRM platform. But you must make sure that the field names are exactly as shown above.