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How granular is the data?

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It’s important to remember that with Splashmetrics, we focus on executive-summary level reporting for a holistic 360° view of the overall initiative’s performance. This is the kind of critical centralized reporting that usually requires multiple phone calls or emails to various tactical team members to pull together manually. So that’s our focus…automating this holistic reporting that has not been available to date.

Now, Splashmetrics does pull in specific data from your tactical MA/CRM platforms, Google Analytics, all these associated content assets, etc. But, if you need granular information on a specific, individual lead, or item, that information already exists in these other tactical platforms. So we don’t replicate granular that depth in Splashmetrics.

Our mantra with Splashmetrics analytics is “5 minutes and you know” – meaning that you or your CMO should be able to spend no more than 5 minutes with the reporting in Splashmetrics to truly know whether the content marketing initiative is meeting expectations or not – and if not, exactly where the problems lie. From there, you can dig into specifics via these associated tactical platforms.