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ALERT: “Print-O-Matic” Plugin

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IMPORTANT! Before you do the following, make sure to copy and save any custom CSS code you’ve added to the “Custom Print Page Style” section above. You can add it back afterward.

We are working on a solution for this for our future packages. Please stay tuned for more.

The “Print-O-Matic” (POM) 1.7.x third-party plugin ships with our premium SplashMaker+ and SmartDoc Theme packages. It is used for the Print/Save-To-PDF function on the Version pages. Though it works properly in these packages, do not update the plugin. The new 2.0 version of this plugin is incompatible with SplashMaker and will not work.

If you have already updated it, you can roll it back by simply deactivating and deleting it in your Asset Site.

Once deleted you will then see a notice that the POM plugin needs to be installed. Follow the instructions there to use the SplashMaker installer to re-install the original. Reactivate it and you should be good.

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